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Trash Chute Deep Cleaning

How do we deep clean your trash chute?

In order to sterilize the interior of the chute from the very top to the very bottom, we make use of industrial pressure washers that have detergent, degreaser, and deodorizer fed directly into the machine. As much grime, grease, dirt, and debris will be removed as a result of this. After that, we offer the last rinsing in either hot or cold water, depending on your preference, to remove any residue that may still be present. Following that, we scrub and disinfect each individual chute door on each floor in order. In the end, we give the waste area a thorough cleaning in order to get rid of as much rubbish, grease, and filth as we can.

Why should trash chutes be cleaned?

If garbage chutes are not cleaned regularly, filth, grease, and food particles will accumulate on the walls of the chute, leading to an increased risk of fire as well as the growth of bacteria and unpleasant aromas. When maintenance is performed on a regular basis, odors, health hazards, and unhygienic situations can be avoided.

When you clean trash chutes in a location, what kind of equipment do you use?

Hot and cold water, as well as detergent, degreaser, and deodorizer injected directly into the machine, are used in our portable, truck, and trailer-mounted pressure washers that reach up to 4,000 PSI. Because of the variable PSI with hot water, we are able to employ industrial strong power and/or hot/cold water in the parts that are more difficult, and delicate pressure and/or hot/cold water in the places that are more sensitive.

Are you covered by insurance to deep clean trash chutes at business locations?

We are licensed, bonded, and insured, that is correct.

Do you have particular references from previous customers who have had their garbage chutes cleaned by you?

Yes, we will be pleased to give you the names and phone numbers of clients who are currently using our services.

What is the going rate for the deep cleaning of trash chutes in business buildings?

Prices are subject to change depending on factors such as the square footage, height, and level of soiling. Call us at 650-595-3988


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