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Cleaning the Gutters

When it comes to maintaining a healthy roof, the gutters are an essential first line of defense. It is possible for water intrusion if the rain gutters and downspouts are blocked with leaves and sticks, and other debris which can then lead to serious damage to the roof and ultimately leak into the house.

Unless you are a trained professional such as Outdoor keepers Inc., the work is not simple or safe. We are able to safely clear out the gutters and downspouts so that the water will flow away from the property as it should.

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Outdoor keepers Inc. will provide you with a safe professional gutter cleaning experience for the following reasons:

Remove debris from the gutters by hand.

Then rinse with water to remove all residual debris and fine sediment.

Will be sure to inspect and clean all downspouts by flushing each downspout with water and confirming the flow.

In the event of a clogged sub-line that is below ground level, we will request the homeowner’s or property manager’s approval before continuing.

We will take before and after pictures for your review and report any damages to your property that have been overseen, such as rusted, crushed, gutters, or downspouts.

Cleaning gutters is a job that is hazardous, unpleasant, and very important to Outdoor Keepers. Making sure every customer is treated with the utmost respect and informing our customers of the dangers and costly repairs if not taken seriously.

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