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Cleaning of the Roof

The growth of lichen, moss, and algae can cause significant damage to a roof, which is why it is one of the leading causes of roof replacement.

You probably weren't aware that the unsightly black streaks and stains on your roof may be cleaned and treated in a safe way, but they can be. Did it occur to you that the fungi and bacteria that are causing those unsightly streaks are actually eating away at your roof?

At Outdoor Keepers, we have a safe roof cleaning process that is also environmentally friendly called soft wash, and it can eliminate the fungus that is feeding on your shingles while cleaning your roof. The black stains on your roof are caused by a substance known as Gloeocapsa Magma, which is spread from roof to roof by spores that travel through the air. After some time has passed, the bacteria will have developed a filament root system and will have begun eating through the shingles, which will result in the gradual decomposition of your roof.

It is necessary to clean these forms of bacteria and algae using the correct quantity of environmentally friendly biodegradable solutions in order to achieve a kill ratio of one hundred percent before attempting to treat them. A roof washed with pressure will not only cause it to get damaged, but it will also cause the germs and/or algae to grow back straight away. An infestation of these organisms can reduce the useful life of a roof by as much as fifty percent, regardless of the type of roofing material, it is (shingle, tile, slate, shake, membrane, or metal).

Expenses That Are High

This reduction in useful life can result in premature replacement and maintenance expenses for property owners that run into thousands of dollars. Dark stains on your roof will absorb more heat and boost under-roof attic temperatures, which will cost property owners additional sums of money in terms of their electric bills. This damage will occur in addition to the harm that will be caused by a dirty roof. Keeping your roof in good condition might cut your monthly electricity costs by as much as forty percent. Because of this, the majority of roof cleanings will cover their costs within a year of being performed.

Cleaning of the Green Roof

It is general known that the cost of repairing or replacing a home's roof is the single most expensive form of home upkeep. Despite this, a significant number of homeowners never perform any kind of preventative maintenance on their roofs. The cost of roof cleaning is often less than one percent of the total cost of roof replacement, and doing routine maintenance can increase the lifespan of a roof by two times.

Customers will noticeably lengthen the amount of time their roofs remain functional if they perform routine maintenance on them. We utilize a gentle wash cleaning technology that does not apply any pressure to your roof in order to ensure that your roof is cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage. To be more exact, we make use of small pumps powered by 12 volts that apply an environmentally safe biodegradable treatment to your roof and then stand back and allow the solution to do the work. Brushing, scraping, and power washing are not included in this process. The pressure is approximately equivalent to what one can expect from a standard garden hose. In addition, all of the main shingle manufacturers have given their stamp of approval to our detergent.

We at OUTDOOR KEEPERS are not only going to clean your roof, but we are also going to increase the amount of time that your roof will last! Get a no-obligation estimate on the cost of the service by calling our number right now at (650) 595-3988.


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